Q and A

Frequently Asked Questions about our Fishing Maps

This is a simple Q and A section that may answer many questions about our fishing map system. Please read through them to better understand many aspects and benefits of our original, one-of-a-kind fishing maps. They are listed in no certain order.

A: Yes. We’ve expanded over the years into 5 Southern States. GA, FL, AL, MS, LA and TX. See the Show All Maps Page Here for other areas

A: No, everything you see advertised is included, there are no gimmicks.

A: Our Fishing Map Waypoint Import Files are included with every area we offer. We’ve found over the years our files work with most any Brand and model GPS units that use an SD or micro-SD card. Using your SD card, you will simply copy and paste our file to the SD, then insert into your GPS and follow the on-screen prompts.

A: Yes. Using a Computer, simply load your matching KML Google Earth file to your Free Google account associated with your Phone or Pad in the Google Maps section of your account. Then, you will have unlimited access to your fishing map files no matter where you go.

A: Yes, but these are not actual navigation maps. Use your device for navigating to these fishing spots at your own risk. Remember, GPS units of any kind won’t steer you around obstacles, mud flats, sand bars, oyster beds, jetties or other obstructions. Be aware of your surroundings at all times no matter what device you use for navigation.

A: Yes. Please contact us for monthly specials at support@texasfishingmaps.com

A: Yes. We are very familiar with all GPS makes and models, GPS coordinates, Waypoint formats, as well as Google Earth Formatting for your Smart Phone or ipad and iphone.

A: No. Not in any way. We’ve been in the digital mapping business since Google Earth evolved. Although other fishing map companies offer an excellent service with great fishing spots, we offer more fishing spots per area utilizing a paid staff of fishing guides, larger areas, personal one-on-one phone help and free map updates when they become available for any area.

A: We work with a paid, private fishing guide cooperative team. That is, a team of local fishing guides from each map area you see on our websites. Our guides have designated the mapping areas according to their best fishing spots as a group and are compensated for their efforts in helping create some of the best digital fishing maps ever produced.

A: Our lead mapping designer, Dana King, was an employee for the largest GPS manufacturer in the world for many years. This type of work was part of her Job. Without her, this program would not exist.

Phone Us: 912-580-5577 (Please leave detailed message and return number if no answer) Email us anytime at support@texasfishingmaps.com

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