Old Texas Offshore Oil Rig Spots

Full Texas Coast Offshore Oil Rig Map – (Old Edition!) Old Oil Rig Spots with GPS Coordinates

Oldies but Goodies! These Old Texas Offshore Oil Rig locations are sometimes the secret to Offshore Bottom Fishing for many successful Fishing Guides and recreational fishermen alike. The old Texas Offshore Oil Rig List is now available and it’s priceless to offshore fishermen who seek out the best bottom fishing locations! We have the original locations of thousands of Offshore Oil Rigs from our collections lists from years past. For fishermen, this means good news and some good fishing may still be had! Good thing for our customers, we never throw away our GPS coordinates or lists.. See why below..

Like all our Fishing Spots, you can load our old Texas Oil Rigs to your boats GPS, Phone or Tablet!

Texas Oil Rig Fishing - Fishing Spots

Why would I want the Old Oil Rig Locations? Many of these old Oil Rigs have been cut off, known as Cut Off Rigs and many have been torn down as Oil Rig reefs that now lay on the ocean floor, and some rigs have simply been abandoned or have fallen to ruins. Many of their remains and bottom debris make for top shelf Snapper and Grouper Fishing along with Trigger Fish, Spade Fish, Cobia and more than may lurk around cut off rigs and old debris piles where old rigs used to stand.

FISHERMAN’S OIL RIG FACT! Did you know that Oil Rig workers drop large, heavy objects such as pipes, cables and steel beams parts or pieces into the ocean all the time? After much iron and steel debris is dropped over years of Oil Rig operation, this debris on the ocean floor can draw bait fish and bottom fish which feeds the food chain! Note:–These old Oil Rig locations and GPS coordinates will be in no certain name order or current condition because it’s nearly impossible to know which are now cut off rigs, removed oil rigs, abandoned oik rigs or the like as this changes almost daily. Using this old oil rig map, it will be up to you to check the areas and see what remains. There are hundreds upon thousands of these old Oil Rig spots. We have the old Oil Rig spots locations set up by area and these will load to your boats GPS, Phone or Tablet. There are hundreds of old Oil Rig spots, so keep in mind when you load this file to your GPS for any area you purchase, it will be an incredible amount of waypoints added to your GPS waypoints list or your Mobile Device. How do I purchase the Old Texas offshore Oil Rig Locations and Map? Simply contact us here to get a custom quote on the Oil Rig area you would like to own. Choose from Port Arthur to Galveston, Freeport to Matagorda or Matagorda to Padre Island old Oil Rig Locations! In the contact form, let us know exactly which of these areas you would like to price. Thank you!

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