Raymarine Dragonfly, A, C, E, ES, GS Series Import from SD Card

Instructions for newer model Raymarine Flat Screen and Touch Screen GPS Models

Step 1: Let’s get your new fishing spots on to the SD Card.. First, find the “Raymarine GPS File” folder found inside the zip file you received attached to the email we sent to you. Open the Raymarine GPS File folder and you’ll see the file named ARCHIVE.FSH.

Step 2: Now, simply right click on the ARCHIVE.FSH file and select copy from the small popup menu.

Step 3: Now, Insert a Blank SD Card into your laptop or computer. A window will pop-up, and you’ll select ‘open folder to view files’.). When the SD Card window opens, right click anywhere in the SD card window and select “paste” and the ARCHIVE.FSH file will load to the SD card folder.

Step 4: Let’s get the file on to your GPS.. Once you’ve completed step the steps above, watch the quick video below. It will easily guide you for most all Raymarine touch screen and flat screen models for loading your Fishing spots file from the SD Card to the GPS. Happy Fishing!